The Project Commissioning of EBIM 2

The Project Commissioning of EBIM2 starts on the 1st December, by EroomAT Korea. They have been appointed by SIEMENS to do the system commissioning on their components, to ensure that we have successfully integrated into our system design.

Apart from testing the drive system, the commissioning process is also to ensure the high voltage system of EBIM is designed, installed and operated with other systems according to Sync R&D requirements under EroomAT jurisdiction for Siemens.

All tests and inspections were conducted by EroomAT President, Mr.Lee Sang-Jun and his Deputy Manager, Mr. Kang Joonyoung.

Several tests and activities during the commissioning project include design check inspection, system hardware inspection, program training and several test drives to our bus that involves:

  1. Driving without load and with full load with 65 passengers
  2. Driving up to the hill in 20degree slope
  3. Driving/moving with ABS mode on
  4. Driving at full speed 80km/hour.

Basically, this project commissioning objectives is to check our drive system and motor controller have been brought into the operational condition and that all related systems and equipment have been satisfactorily tested.

We have passed this phase and will now proceed to the certification process with TUV.