DBKL visit on August 17,2016

DBKL goal is to achieve a healthy environment, sufficient and quality greenery and also the preservation of available natural resources, which are the characteristics of an Eco-City.

In connection to that, we have invited DBKL to visit our facility to introduce our successful Malaysian made Electric Bus and the local talents that have excellently designed and developed EBIM-Elektrik Bas Inovasi Malaysia. DBKL delegates both from Jabatan Kejuruteraan Mekanikal (JKME) and Jabatan Pengangkutan Awam (JPB) finally came to our facility on the 17th of August, led by Director of JKME, Ir. Dr. Leong Siew Mun and Encik Hamidi Che Kob, Deputy Director Of Mechanical.

After a brief introduction, we showed them our corporate video, in order for them to have a better perspective on our green project. Our CEO, En.Shaik Azlan Merican also explained to them on the project milestones we have been through since 2011 until the completion of our EBIM 1 last year. Discussion session on our green project took about an hour over some refreshments before they took a tour around our facility to led by our CEO, followed by a briefing conducted by En Farid Abu Bakar, Head of Testing Department. The briefing mainly was to share with DBKL the technology and technology solution we implemented in building our electric bus.

Final session for that day was the EBIM test ride and test drive by DBKL driver before we invited them for lunch. The visit ended at 1pm and before leaving, Dr Leong handed us some souvenirs from DBKL. We hope that we will have a good relationship with DBKL for a collaboration that will benefit the future transportation framework for our country in the long run.










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