MATRADE visit on June 8, 2016

Shah Alam, Malaysia – With the successful development of our first electric bus prototype and having another 5 beta units on its way, we are now working on commercialization of our EBIM. Therefore, we have invited Matrade, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation to introduce our first locally made electric bus. MATRADE is a government’s agency that promotes Malaysia’s Enterprises to the world with a vision Positioning Malaysia As a Globally Competitive trading Nation.

The team from Matrade were led by Encik Silmy Abd Rahman Director Of Transport, Logistics, Machinery & MRO/Europe Trade and Services Promotion Division, together with Encik Zahiruddin Basiran, Manager Transport, Logistics, Machinery & MRO Section Trade and Services Promotion Division, Cik Norhaizan Abdul Ghapar and Encik Muhd Hairi Zainal Abidin, both Managers in Transport, Defence and MRO Product and Services Promotion Division.

They were briefed by our CEO Encik Shaik Azlan Merican on the history of our company beginning with how the company started, the idea to design an electric bus, the phases that we have been through starting from the feasibility study up until the completion of R&D stage, the realization on EBIM 1 and that now we are currently building the next prototype (EBIM 2) and working towards commercialization. We also showed them around our facility and invited them to ride on the EBIM 1 to let them have a unique experience riding on the locally designed and developed electric bus.

Now that Matrade are aware that Sync R&D designed and developed electric bus, we hope Matrade will assist us to publicize and introduce our products to foreign export market.

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