EBIM first drive out of Tiong Nam Industrial Park area. Shower, weigh, & maneuver test on May 9, 2016


Shah Alam, Malaysia – Recently our Engineering team has successfully did a test drive out of Tiong Nam Industrial area to undergo several tests covering a total distance of 33km with speed maintained at 50-65km/hour. All of these tests conducted on our EBIM is to ensure that our EBIM meets JPJ requirements, hence it is safe for public use. The team started their journey at 10.30am from our facility heading to Kota Kemuning and to Shah Alam Stadium.

The tests done on that day are:

  1.  Endurance Test drive under heavy rain condition – This is to record the energy consumption, the battery performance and to monitor any failure when the bus is operating under heavy rain,
  2. Weighing – This test were done at Kota Kemuning Weighing Station and we managed to obtain our targeted weight at 13.3 tonnes, lighter than the weight of any other conventional metal-chassis bus as our EBIM is made strictly out of composite monoque chassis,
  3. Maneuver Test – Done at Shah Alam Stadium, this to test our EBIM ability to maneuver based on the UNECE Regulation provided by the Automotive Engineering   Division of the Road Transport Department of Malaysia, for VTA and TUV Certification.

All three tests performed were successfully recorded without any technical problems and the team safely arrived at our facility at 2.30pm. These tests will be conducted on weekly basis to monitor our EBIM performance from time to time.