MIGHT visit on May 19, 2016

Shah Alam, May 19th 2016 – After a few years of hard work and undergoing several phases we finally ready to introduce our first successful prototype Electric Bus -EBIM. As this is a new invention and innovation of the nowadays conventional bus, it is important to make known to the world on the existing of our first Malaysian Electric Bus. In conjunction with this, we have asked MIGHT Technology Nurturing Sdn Bhd a corporate medium to assist us on how to elevate the EBIM project as a national project.

Following the previous meeting, MIGHT has come for a second time to our facility to do product evaluation on technical capabilities and to discuss further on this project to make it into reality.

This time around MIGHT send 4 people, and they are Dr. Aziz Hassan one of MIGHT’s panel covering Technical Expert, En. Megat Shahrul Azam, Project Director in Business Funding, Puan Rohaiza, Project Director in Technology Business and En.Ahmad Hafizi, Senior Project Executive in Green Business. As this is also the first visit for some of them, we gave them a tour around the facility and let them have the unique experience riding the local electric bus.

So far MIGHT has been supportive to us on this project and we hope MIGHT will continue to support and expedite this project towards its completion.

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