MIGHT visit on March 31, 2016

Shah Alam, Malaysia – Eletrik Bas Inovasi Malaysia (EBIM) has been one of Malaysian symbol of credibility and a whole new level benchmark in automotive industry. EBIM is the new invention and innovation of the nowadays conventional bus, it is crucial to make known to the world through our national identification means ‘MADE IN MALAYSIA’. MIGHT Technology Nurturing Sdn Bhd, a corporate medium that help us to elevate the EBIM Project as a national project. MIGHT’s core purpose is addressing the country’s needs in response to the effects of globalization and trade liberalization on future economic growth through the accelerated use of high technology.

Arrived at 11am in the morning the visit to Sync R&D facility has been accompanied by MIGHT’s Managing Director himself, Datuk Nik A. Faizul B. Abd. Mallek, along with MIGHT’s Project Director of Green Business, Mr Mohd Qaharuddin Abdullah, and Senior Project Executive Techno Business, Mr Ahmad Hafizi Mohamed@Adam. Sync R&D’s CEO Mr Shaik Azlan Merican gave rounds of explanation around the facility, beginning with how the company first start up with only 4 engineers, until now where the manpower has grown to occupy up to 40 employees to lubricate the realization of EBIM to the public.

MIGHT’s representatives have been taken around the assembly line, battery charging dock, and the engineering department. From the tour they got to learned the history of EBIM’s making; from project planning, to computer aided design, and assembly process. We have been exchanging opinions and thoughts about how the bus is going to be beneficial to the future transportation framework. This is because EBIM offers improvement to our current conventional transit bus with the implementation of Composite Monocoque Body which is corrosion-free and able to withstand direct collision without experiencing major damage. Not only that, we also develop our own BCM (Body Control Module) which will drive the bus with using the best of configuration. The system also bring many new features that will ease the operator, driver and the fleet management control with the automation involves.

All in all, the visit has set a milestone to Sync R&D’s move in introducing EBIM to the public sooner. Now will be the time where Malaysians has to step up to bring new innovation make known to our country and the world itself, and EBIM is a solid proof on how far we have revolutionised our local automotive industry for the better sustainable future.


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