Panorama visit on March 15, 2016

Shah Alam, Malaysia – The introduction of EBIM 1 a few months ago has created interest from the local organizations to reach out to Sync R&D for future collaboration. Panorama Melaka Sdn Bhd, a company that provides public transport services in Malacca is seeking a new bus that has advancement in technology and is reliable and cost effective, simply what EBIM project is meant to cater.

The trip was led by the key person here Mr Mohd Saleh B. Jusman, the General Manager at Panorama Melaka. Sync R&D CEO, Mr Shaik Azlan Merican has given a tour around the facility, explaining the key features of EBIM, the manufacturing process involved and how beneficial EBIM to the nation, public, and not to mention the environment too. Hopping into EBIM has given even better perspective on how the electric motor system sounds and works.

Overall experience has been astounding and Panorama Melaka has decided to set a future collaboration with Sync R&D, looking forward for another BETA unit to have a test run at their operation ground.

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