MIDA visit on January 26, 2016

Shah Alam, Malaysia – Malaysian Investment Development Authority or MIDA is the government’s principal agency for the promotion of the manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia. MIDA assists companies which intend to invest in the manufacturing and services sectors, as well as facilitates the implementation of their projects.

EBIM is one of the chosen project that has successfully been taken under supervision of MIDA via R&D and Business Services Division. Up until today it has already been the third audit visit from MIDA to execute the R&D Grant Disbursement for EBIM project development. So far MIDA has been really supportive and often keeping tracks on EBIM project development progress.

The MIDA representatives which was led by Siti Hajar Ahmad Zabidi the Deputy Director, along with Sudiana Muhammad Nawati the Assistant Director have been invited to ride on the test unit EBIM 1. This way they get to experience the outcome from EBIM project milestone which has been developed by Sync R&D up to the current day.

So far the project is still progressing and soon enough EBIM will arrived to the public and might just change the course of public transportation services in Malaysia.