EBIM full decal footage on December 29, 2015


Shah Alam, Malaysia – Since its successful first test drive a few months ago, the EBIM I was visited by SIEMENS and MDEC representatives to monitor its progress during the commissioning and testing phase. It was determined that the EBIM II body will undergo the homologation process in April 2016.

EBIM will have to meet several requirements during homologation testing to achieve Whole Vehicle Type Approval. Significant ones include UNECE regulations such as the R100 for Battery Electric Vehicles and R66 for Strength of Superstructure. The assembly reliability and endurance of major subsystems assembled to the monocoque body such as hydraulics, electric motors and axles will also be evaluated during the test drive period.

The Whole Vehicle Type Approval is to ensure vehicles meet the relevant environmental, safety and security standards. Sync R&D will be undergoing the tests with TÜV Rheinland (Malaysia). Once certification is achieved, it will be approved and accepted worldwide, without the need for further testing until changes to the vehicle design or international standards are made. Sync R&D has also achieved the certification for ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems in early 2015 to facilitate the Conformity of Production (CoP) approval process.

After donning a new aesthetic look, EBIM has been turning heads of those in the Tiong Nam Industrial Park area. Passenger seats and flooring have also been installed inside the bus to make it look more realistic.

With hope for a positive future in 2016, Sync R&D continues to strive in getting EBIM ready for the Malaysian public very soon.